With all the ground-breaking science and technology around us, we want to kickstart a new open society, as the old way of doing things has failed most people around the world.

This website will focus on two endeavours.

A practical proposal for an open society free of the historical failures!


A portal for the best of the web in science and technology!

We rely on individuals and groups, who, in good faith and with no ulterior motive, would like to contribute to our effort and see our vision become reality within a few years.

We do not believe or are affiliated to any political group or movement - hence no left, centre, or right politics, nor liberals, socialists, communists, greens, nationalists, fascists, royalists or anything else of that sort - as this represents the old world. We believe there is a new way to think about society, in light of the new technologies the 21st century has in store for us and the fact the world is in crisis;

we need and deserve a new deal, unshackled from the chains of the past...

Welcome to our world. Welcome to our society. Welcome to our ecosystem.

Welcome to nuOrizon!

A brief introduction...


Our flag is based on geometric shapes, primary and secondary colours and icons, showing our trust in a humane open society, underpinned by episteme and scientia.
The flag demonstrates every citizen's commitment to our new way of thinking about personal success and an open society in general.

An ecosystem which has no borders and therefore anyone can join, although not everyone will endure.

Unique open social fabric which eliminates greed due to personal success measured by the amount of benefit channelled to society.

Traditional metaphysical belief systems are replaced by an open-minded search for evidence/facts-based understanding of the world, underpined by Episteme and Scientia.



it is our duty
to do all the good we can,
to all the people we can,
in all the ways we can.


Scottish author, professor

You will find the latest information regarding our open society on this page. We are constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to provide a new deal, fair to every citizen in our open society and hopefully, one day, to everyone alive. Please join us as we are stronger in the union... Voice your commitment to change the future of humanity for the better...


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